We’ve mentioned exfoliating again and again… But only because we want your skin to be silky smooth.

First of all, what is exfoliation?

Exfoliating is the process of removing surface layer skin cells. So we think of that dry ‘white’ layer that seems to disappear if our skin gets wet.

How do we properly exfoliate?

When removing that top layer of dry skin, we recommend using a semi-gritty scrub mixed with water and apply in circular motions. These circular motions will cause the scrub to lather and will work the particles and exfoliating factors deeper into your skin.

Better waxing results

Eliminating this layer of dead skin cells helps us to get a close wax, ensuring that the wax adheres only to hair and not dry skin.

It will also make for a less painful waxing experience. Dry skin causes the wax to crack/break when peeling it off. For a smoother pull, hydrated skin is a must!

Exfoliating before and after waxing also prevents ingrown hairs. How? Not only are we removing dead skin cells, but also dirt and excess oil. This process also stimulates hair growth which encourages potential ingrown hairs to break through our skin.

That’s why we recommend exfoliating both before and after waxing, at least 2-3 times per week.

Not sure which exfoliant to use? Here are our favorites!