From the start, it has been our goal to support other female-owned businesses founded in NY.

So we’re excited to announce our partnership with Mullein & Sparrow, founded by Anit Hora right here in Brooklyn, NY.

Her core belief is that ‘We all have the power to make a difference with our choices.’ So Anit has chosen to use ethically sourced ingredients and a combination of both Ayurveda principles and Western Herbalism to bring us a line of products that nourish our skin & our inner woman. By using a combination of herbs and essential oils, each product provides a multi-sensory experience that cultivates radiant skin & promotes mental and physical well-being.

We’ve selected five products that specifically compliment pre and post-wax care. We’ve chosen two exfoliants, one specifically for the face and the other for the body. The Sandalwood Cleansing Powder is gentle and perfect for exfoliating chapped lips too! While the Coffee Body Exfoliant is less gritty and abrasive than most sugar scrubs, we find it to be extremely effective. And don’t even get us started on the fragrance 😉 We highly suggest exfoliating 2-3 times per week both before and after waxing. Click here Exfoliating is Essential! to see the benefits of exfoliating regularly.

Next, we’ve chosen the Lemon Rose Face Wash for gentle face cleansing. This combination of essential oils is ideal for all skin types and also helps remove makeup. For more assistance with makeup removal, we’ve chosen the Frankincense Cleansing Oil. Allow this fabulous combination of oils to hydrate your skin without clogging pores. Up for an added perk? It contains castor oil which promotes hair growth – perfect for helping your eyebrows fill out! Both of these products are practical for daily use.

Lastly, we elect the Clay Face Mask; a blend of four detoxifying clays and soothing herbs. We recommend weekly use to help refine pores and provide additional gentle exfoliation.

We hope you love these handpicked products as much as we do!