During the summer, we all tend to have a more active lifestyle.

While this is great for our health and well-being, it can present some challenges for those that wear lash extensions. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can maintain your gorgeous healthy-looking lashes all year long with these essential tips!

For the First 24 Hours Following your Lash Appointment:

  • Do not get your lash extensions wet.
  • Avoid touching your extensions with your hands. Your hands contain oils and transferring that oil to the lash extensions may cause damage to them to the point of falling off.
  • Do not use makeup.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please avoid wearing them for at least 24 hours after your lash appointment.

48 Hours Post Lash Appointment:

  • Do not use oil-based eye products such as creams, makeup remover, etc. 
  • Do not use mascara on your lashes.
  • Use only water-based makeup & makeup remover.
  • Do not perm, tint, or use eyelash curlers.
  • Continue to avoid touching, pulling on extensions, and rubbing eyes.
  • Brush your lashes a few times each day using the mascara wand provided by your lash technician.
  • If you would like to remove your lashes, please see a trained lash technician to have them professionally removed. Removal by an untrained person can cause damage to your natural lashes.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach and face. By sleeping on your stomach, your lashes are more prone to getting caught on the fabric of your pillowcase and sheets. Sleeping on your back will prevent the lashes from being damaged and will allow them to breathe. 
  • Make sure to clean your lashes with a proper lash cleanser daily. This will improve the retention of your lashes and keeps your natural lashes healthy. This is especially critical if you wear makeup.
  • To extend the life of your lashes, please schedule a touch up every 2-3 weeks.

Extra Tips For The Summer Season

  • Avoid applying sunscreen and tanning oils near your eyes. Be very careful when applying to your face.
  • If you choose to go swimming in a pool or ocean, make sure to rinse your lashes with fresh water when you get out of the water. Saltwater and chlorine can have a negative and damaging effect on your lashes. Without rinsing, both the salt or chemical particles from chlorine can build-up on your lashes, loosening the adhesive bonds which can cause premature fallout.  
  • Clean your lashes! Especially during the warmer months! Don’t be afraid of cleaning your lashes. Cleaning your lashes will actually improve your retention and keep your natural lashes healthy.

It is not uncommon to experience poor retention during the summer months.

Humidity, heat, sweat, summer activities, etc. all have a major effect on lash extensions. 

That’s why most lash extension clients choose to come more frequently for fill-in appointments during the summer months.

High temperatures and especially high humidity can cause excessive oil production on the skin, which travels to the lash extensions and can result in premature fallout.

If you are experiencing poor retention, let us know! We have exclusive solutions to help with that like our Super Bonder that we can apply at your next appointment!


Written by Lash Artist Danielle