Many people are familiar with soft wax…

Which is applied to your skin hot and covered with a paper strip which is then ripped off. We’re not fans!

Hard wax is similarly applied hot but then cools on your skin and the entire strip of wax is peeled off.

Unlike soft wax which also adheres to your skin, hard wax is adhering to your hair only, making for a significantly less painful waxing experience.

With hard wax, we can wax over the same area more than once ensuring total hair removal. When hard wax is used at the right temperature, applied with the proper pressure, and peeled off at the optimal speed, it removes both fine and stubborn hairs.

A common misconception is that hard wax can’t be used on large body parts such as the back and legs. However, special custom blends of hard wax are ideal for large body parts such as the one we use here at The Wax Boutique. Our hard wax is quintessential for speedily waxing large areas of the body without breaking or cracking.

Some feel that waxing is messy and a pain to clean up but hard wax doesn’t leave any sticky residue on your skin. It’s simple and easy for our specialists to clean and any small particles left behind will come off when they apply our FUR oil to your skin post waxing.

 Well, now you must be wondering why everyone isn’t using hard wax?

It is significantly more costly to purchase, making it much less popular to use by most salons and spas. But we feel that you deserve the best!

Whether you’ve been a dedicated waxer for years or you’re reluctant to give waxing a try… make your next waxing experience at The Wax Boutique with our hard wax specialists.

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