Brr.. baby, it’s cold outside!

If you live in the northeast like us, winter might have you fretting over the start of dry, flaky, snake-skin. So we’ve put together some tips to help you keep your skin silky, smooth, and scale-free 😉


To keep your skin hydrated and smooth this winter… moisturize daily with lotion or oil. For those coarse hairs… use our FUR oil – a combination of nine essential oils – perfect for conditioning coarse hair, hydrating skin, and preventing ingrown hairs.

Take lukewarm showers!

Hot showers strip off the layer of oil in your skin’s keratinocytes—skin cells that protect skin from the environment and help it retain moisture.

Hydrate or die!

We know that keeping hydrated is crucial for overall health but it’s especially vital for winter skin. & remember: while warm beverages are desirous… coffee, tea, & hot cocoa tend to dehydrate us, so double up on your water intake to keep your skin silky smooth.

Keep up with Winter Waxing

While some may prefer to keep the fuzz through these chilly months, waxing removes the layer of dead skin cells as well as removing hair from the root. Removing this layer of dead skin allows nutrients to be absorbed by the skin. Lack of moisture is typically a contributing factor to dry skin so we need to retain all the nutrients we can get.

Use Natural Products

Winter can have some adverse effects on our skin making us much more sensitive. Using natural products can help soothe and nourish our delicate skin. That’s why we use FUR oil and stubble cream – a combination of nine essential oils.