The Wax Boutique

Most people only dream about going to work with their best friend and building a company that they’re passionate about. For us…that dream is becoming a reality with The Wax Boutique.
Korynn has been in the skincare industry as a licensed esthetician for more than five years. Her fun-loving demeanor and charismatic laugh captivate everyone who meets her.

“I feel privileged to have a business that flourishes by making others look and feel their very best. At The Wax Boutique, we’re not only progressive, but the experts at what we do.” – Korynn

Kim has been working in sales management and real estate development for the past five years. Her passion for work is only surpassed by her love of travel.

“It’s important to me that our team feels comfortable and encouraged each time they come to work. I love being able to provide an atmosphere where other working women can thrive and reach their career goals.” – Kim

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