Let’s face it, ladies…

Mother nature is on her own schedule. So when it’s the day of your Brazilian appointment and she decides to come early, can you still get waxed?

Yes. Here’s why!

First of all, our estheticians are thoroughly trained and experienced. After Eyebrow Waxing, Bikini and Brazilian Waxes are our most popular services.

We perform more than 150 lower body wax services each month. So don’t worry, we are completely comfortable with waxing you during menstruation!

We want you to be comfortable also.

Just remember to use a tampon during your service and tuck in the string to avoid any complications 😉 Some clients prefer to use the restroom right before their appointment and change their tampons. Our restroom is also equipped with cleansing wipes for your personal use. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

Keep in mind that during your period the body may be slightly more sensitive to pain. Gynecologists say that your body is in an inflammatory state during menstruation and that the skin may be more tender than usual.

If you normally struggle with pain during waxing, you might want to wait until your period has ended.

So, when your little friend makes her appearance unexpectedly, do you need to reschedule? No, but this decision is entirely up to you. Just remember to bring a tampon, be prepared for increased sensitivity… And remember: we are trained for this!

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