The amazing feeling of our wax is something we always enjoy and look forward to, even if it’s just on occasion. 

Maybe we reserve it for special occasions, summer months, or just when we’re able to resist the convenience of a razor.

But the full results come from routine waxing.

Why so? Let’s go over a few reasons.

Ditch the razor for good:

Reason 1: Your hair will progressively get thinner

Waxing removes the hair from the root which weakens the hair follicle. As the root weakens, it produces thinner hair and slows down the re-growth process.

Some clients who have been waxing for a long time have even noticed small areas where the hairs never grow back.

That’s because consistent waxing can damage the follicle to the point where it no longer produces hair. However, when we stop waxing for a period of time, the hair will start to return to its natural thickened state.

Routine waxing ensures that we don’t undo the progress we’ve made.

While this is great for body hair, facial hair is often hormonal so there’s a chance that it may not thin over time. 

Reason 2: Less chance of ingrown hairs

Nothing is worse than ingrown hairs. They can be itchy, painful, and annoy us for months!

When we shave, we only cut the hair shaft, which leaves room for those thick, sharp hairs to curl back and grow underneath the skin. 

Waxing decreases your chances of getting those pesky ingrown hairs.

When we pull the hair directly from the follicle, the hair grows back thinner, decreasing the chance of it getting stuck underneath your skin. 

Reason 3: Exfoliate & soften skin

Waxing gently exfoliates the top layer of skin. So your skin is not only smooth because your hair is gone, but also because you’ve removed the dead skin cells that have built up.

This is especially nice in the winter months as your skin becomes more dehydrated and in need of a little extra TLC. 

Reason 4: Waxing gets easier

“But waxing hurts!”

Yes, any form of epilation is going to be a bit painful at first. But over time, it does get easier!

As the hair starts to grow back thinner, it actually becomes less painful to remove.

But remember, it will only get easier if you wax continuously. Translation: no shaving!

When we shave in-between waxes, it makes the hair coarser and only more painful to wax.

So make sure to return for your waxing appointment within the time frame your esthetician gives you. If you’re not able to make it within the time frame, try your best to resist picking up that razor!

So why should you keep up with waxing year-round?

Simply put, you’ll have better overall results!

  • You will spend less time worrying about unwanted hair
  • Your hair will become increasingly thinner
  • You will decrease your chances of dealing with ingrown hairs
  • Your skin will be left soft and smooth every time (who doesn’t want that!?)

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Blog by Waxing Specialist & Wax Boutique Veteran, Paige