Regular waxers pride themselves on not even owning a razor…

So we never thought we’d find ourselves in a predicament where waxing was no longer a possibility.

Yet here we are… going on seven or more weeks of absolutely no waxing. (At the time of this writing).

And while we feel like our hairy situation is a nightmare… The thought of what our first wax is going to be like after this is even worse! 

Are you terrified to get back to waxing? You’re not alone! Whether you’re dreading the pain because you’ve shaved since your last visit or you’re worried that your hair is too long to wax… we have some tips for you!

Follow These Tips

  1. DO NOT shave right before your appointment. If you can avoid it altogether, that’s best. But if you’ve shaved – let your hair grow in again! Exfoliate regularly! And use our FUR oil to soften the regrowth!
  2. Make sure that you’re exfoliating 2-3 times per week with a gritty scrub. This will cause any potential ingrown hairs to break through the skin. 
  3. Let’s be extra aware of contraindications – such as antibiotics or retinol. Make sure that you inform your waxing specialist of any and all topical or oral medications.  
  4. Since you’re going to be excited to get back to pampering yourself – no skin peels before or after waxing! Remember, waxing provides a minor form of exfoliation which means it’s stripping your skin of it’s most superficial layer. Within 72 hours of waxing, a chemical peel could over-sensitize your skin, causing irritation, drying, and in some cases, infection. 
  5. While it is possible to still come for your waxing appointment on your period, please know that intimate waxing during menstruation can be even more painful. Increased blood flow and hormonal changes can make you more sensitive. For more information, see the following blog: Can I Wax on my Period?

Before Your Appointment  

  • Exfoliate! Have we mentioned that already?! We hope you get the point… this is such an important part of pre and post-waxing skincare.
  • Don’t trim your hair! “It’s long!”
    Then we are so proud of you for not shaving! Long hair will actually be better for your first wax, than if it’s too short. If it does end up needing to be trimmed, then leave it to the professional – your waxing specialist. 
  • As always, no tanning within 48 hours of waxing, before or after. If you’re planning to be in the sun, use SPF! We will not wax over burns or skin that we feel appears to have been recently exposed to the sun or tanning beds. 
  • No saunas or hot tubs immediately before waxing, as this too, can increase the risk of skin lifting.

Some clients like to take an anti-inflammatory medication an hour before their appointment. While we can’t offer any medical advice on this, some feel that it helps minimize pain during their waxing session. 

After Your Appointment

  • We highly recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing not only to your appointment but afterward, for up to 24-48 hours. 
  • Limit physical activity – sweating will clog hair follicles. This includes intimate activities.
  • If you find that you’re still in pain/ sensitive, after your waxing appointment, apply a cold compress. This helps to reduce inflammation and calm red skin.  
  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body – treat it as such! Use high-quality, post-wax-approved skincare, and feel free to contact us for recommendations.