So let’s be real…

Waiting for your hair to grow out before a bikini wax doesn’t sound too difficult. But why do we always have plans to go to the beach right before our next wax appointment?! Next thing you know…You’re pulling out the razor!

Don’t do it!

Every time we shave in between our waxing appointments, we’re restarting all the progress that routine waxing makes.

Here are four benefits of routine waxing without using a razor in between:

1. Less regrowth

Waxing removes hair from the follicle. That’s why it typically takes longer to grow in after waxing than after shaving, which only cuts the hair on the skin’s surface.

Consistent waxing gives us a ‘clean slate’ every time! And leaves you completely hairless for up to 10 days, whereas shaving might leave you with a 5 o’clock shadow 😛 

2. Hair grows back finer over time

By removing hair from the root, the hair follicle progressively gets weaker. In turn, the weak hair follicles produce finer hair. However, this does not mean that the growth rate, color, or texture will change – genetics also play a large role in this.

3. Exfoliation of skin

Waxing removes your outermost layer of dead skin, causing the skin to feel smoother and look brighter. Although waxing will help with exfoliating, we highly recommend exfoliating your skin at home both before and after your appointment. This will help prevent ingrown hairs and improve the results that come from waxing. Immediately after your wax appointment, use a gentle exfoliant in order to avoid unwanted irritation.

4. Less ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are caused by dead skin cells clogging the hair follicle, thus causing the hair to grow sideways and back into the skin. That’s why it can cause so much inflammation and pain.

Improper shaving techniques are the top cause of ingrown hairs. Professional waxing will properly remove hair from the follicle and partially exfoliate the skin, resulting in fewer dead skin cells and ultimately fewer ingrown hairs. 

So the next time you’re reaching for the razor… move your appointment and come see us sooner!

Even if we can’t manage a full bikini or Brazilian wax, we can usually perform a Bikini Line wax so that you can confidently beam down the beach.